Achy Breaky Heart

I always got what I wanted from God.

For Novitiate I got sent overseas. For Humanities studies I went to Spain. To study Philosophy I returned to the States, and lived in New York. During the summer I spent vacation in Wisconsin...

Now it was time for me to get sent out on my first ministry as a "Brother." I wanted 1 of 2 places: Washington or Dallas, I got Texas!

The first thing I learned is that you "don't mess with Texans." And that everything there is twice the size as the rest of the world: Trucks, boots, highways, and the most important ... steaks!

There I learned how to shoot a shotgun, and tipped over many a canoe.

When I left 3 years later, my heart was divided between three cities and three schools, all of them beautiful and super Catholic. I still have messages roll into my in-box daily from families I met while I worked there. People in Texas just live this special Southern Friendship.

San Antonio - RollingHillsAcademy

The more I travel, the more my heart grows, because I am continually leaving parts of it behind.

I guess that's just  part of what it means to become a priest.